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    Molochia from Morouj Foods .

    Benefits of Molochia :

    - Great source of vitamins

    - Helps regulate blood pressure

    - Contains valuable minerals 

    - Improves digestion

    - Helps control blood sugar levels

    - Boosts circulation

    - Improves sleep

    - Eases inflammation

    - Supports weight loss

    - Improves bone health

    - Lowers cholesterol

        Being rich in dietary fiber is a key trait of molokhia leaves when it comes to its health benefits. It is what helps balance the cholesterol levels in your body. Dietary fiber has been found to bind your "bad" LDL cholesterol , and reduce it. This effect means molokhia can reduce your chances of developing heart attacks and strokes.

    - Boosts immune system

        Molochia contains antioxidant and immunity-boosting vitamins such as vitamin C, A and E . This strong combination of vitamins bolsters your immune system and helps protect your body in many ways. Vitamin E and A can also protect your eyes and skin from numerous diseases .

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