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    Melons from Morouj Foods full of natural sugar.
    Benefits of melons :

    - May help reduce blood pressure

        In general, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

    - Contains nutrients vital to bone health

        Honeydew melon contains several nutrients that are vital for repairing and maintaining strong bones, including folate, vitamin K and magnesium.

    - May improve blood sugar control

        Some research indicates that eating fruits, such as honeydew melon regularly may promote healthy blood sugar levels.

    - Rich in electrolytes and water

    - May support healthy skin

        Eating honeydew melon may support healthy skin due to it's high vitamin C content.

    - May boost your immune system

        Vitamin C is arguably best known for its role in supporting immune function, and honeydew melon is loaded with it

    - May promote proper digestion

    - May support vision and eye health


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