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    Lettuce from Morouj Foods full of antioxidants.
    Benefits of lettuce :

    - May fight inflammation

        Certain proteins in lettuce , like lipoxygenase, help control inflammation .

    - May aid weight loss

        One major reason lettuce can be an ideal weight loss food is its calories . One serving of lettuce contains just 5 calories .

    - May promote brain health

    - May boost heart health

    - May help fight cancer

    - May cut diabetes risk

        Studies have shown that greens, especially those like lettuce , may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes .

    - May promote vision health

    - May promote digestive health

        The fiber in lettuce promotes digestion and wards off other digestive aliments like constipation and bloating .

    - May help treat insomnia

    - May enhance bone health

    - May boost immunity

    - May be good for pregnancy

    - May improve muscle strength and metabolism

    - May improve skin and hair health

    - May fight anemia 

    - May keep you hydrated

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