Green long Capsicum

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    Chili pepper from Morouj Foods .
    Benefits of chili pepper :

    - Improve digestive health and metabolism.

        One of the biggest advantages of capsaicin is its contribution to gut health and weight loss.

    - Alleviates migraines

    - May reduce risks of cancer

    - Fight fungal infections, colds, and the flu.

    - Provides joint pain relief

    - Fight inflammation

    - Supports cardiovascular health

    - Decrease Risks of Type 2 diabetes

    - May Improve longevity

    - Promotes red blood cell growth

    - Improve ocular health

        Vitamin A in chili peppers is important to building a strong immune system. However, it is also important in  keeping your eyesight healthy and strong.

    - Keeps your hair and skin healthy

        The vitamin C in chili peppers does not just strengthen you immune system. It also creates and maintains collagen, which is a key protein found in healthy hair and skin.

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